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1882-CC GSA BU Silver Morgan Dollar

Sep 26, 2012

On Amazon you can purchase this 1882-CC GSA BU Silver Morgan Dollar gem! In original GSA holder, great investment!

Official Product Description:

Carson City Silver Dollars are some of the most sought after coins ever made. Own a piece of the GSA Hoard by purchasing this deluxe set of GSA Carson City Silver Dollars . This hoard was discovered in in the 1970s and was distributed by the US Government. Each coin comes in its original plastic holder as it was issued by the government. 

About the Morgan Carson City Dollars sold:

The GSA sold 3 million Morgan Carson City Dollars between 1972-1974 by mail order.

President Nixon signed the Bank Holding Company Act Amendments in December of 1970 this act authorized the GSA - General Services Administration the - to sell Morgan Dollars. With a little bit of funding from congress the GSA staff started inspecting, sorting and packaging the Carson City Morgan Dollars. 

It was an intense operation! At first they thought they could make the sorting process go smoother by using an automatic scanning machine. This machine would be able to scan the obverse and reverse sides of the coin to find out the date, mint mark etc. But this was rejected in fear the machine might add more scratches to the silver dollar plus it really couldn't inspect the small subtle grades like a real person. Can you imagine sorting by hand some 3 million coins! 

 Do you own any Morgan dollars minted in Carson City?

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The Carson City mint produced more than the Morgan in it's short run!

Sep 19, 2012

The Carson City Mint

There are 4 different cities the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted:

Philadelphia - no mint mark
San Francisco - S
New Orleans - NO
Carson City - CC

The one I wanted to talk about today was the Carson City Mint. Established to take on the the silver mines in Comstock Lode. When someone heard that either gold or silver was discovered folks would rush in from all over to steak their claim. It was no different in 1859 when the discovery of silver went public at the Comstock Lode. In no time at all mining camps were thriving all over the area.

The Carson City Mint was built at the peak of the silver boom. The Morgan wasn't its only mint either. All in all 50 issues of silver coins and 57 issues of gold coins were minted in Carson City. The Carson City mint ran from 1870-1885 and 1889-1893

Gold Denominations:

Half Eagle or $5.00 Gold (1870-1884 and 1890-1893)
Eagle or $10.00 Gold (1870-1884 and 1890-1893)
Double Eagle or $20.00 Gold (1870-1885 and 1889-1893)

Silver Denominations:

Seated Liberty Dime (1871-1878)
Twenty-Cent Piece (1875-1876)
Quarter Dollar (1870-1878)
Half Dollar (1870-1878)
Dollar (1870-1885 and 1889-1893)

Carson City wasn't in operation the entire time the Morgan was minted. They were minted there between  1878-1885 and in 1889-1893 so you will find quite a few gaps in years if you're collecting by mint. Maybe that is what make them so collectible! I believe the 1889-CC Morgan, 1893-CC and the 1879-CC are the most desirable Carson City Dollars to own.

What is your favorite Carson City Morgan year?

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Is the Silver Eagle the Modern Morgan?

Sep 14, 2012


Is the Silver Eagle the Modern Morgan?

Perhaps the Morgan Silver Dollar wasn't the most popular coin on the block when it was first introduced to the public in 1878. Even when the U.S. mint stopped minting the Morgan in 1921 the popularity of the Morgan was not huge. The Morgan dollar sat and sat in the treasury vault. Somewhere in the early 1960's the public started to notice, started to care and started to collect. I just love the feel of a Morgan when you're holding it. There is something about the size, weight the feel of the edges that feels right in my hands.

I just read an very interesting post by Eric Jordan, on Numismatic News referring to the Morgan as the Modern Morgan.

So why might the silver eagle strike the heart of coin collectors. Eric Jordan gives us 7 good reasons:

1. Massive high grade populations that are cheep
2. High silver content
3. Large size
4. Beautiful designs
5. Varied finishes (matte, burnished, reverse proof, cameo proof)
6. Low population mint marked issues that rule the huge set with an iron hand
7. the marketing support of the U.S. mint

In 2006 the Silver Eagles purchased jumped right around the time the U.S. government starting offering lower mintage interesting special issues. It's an interesting read very in depth article about the Silver Eagles.

Do you collect other coins besides the Morgan Dollar?

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The Official Red Book is out for 2013!

Sep 10, 2012

The Official Red Book is out for 2013! A Guide Book of United States Coins 2013! Published on April 3rd 2012 this is a very up to date book! 


List Price: $29.95

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Official Book Description:

Go easy on your eyes so you can spot more treasures while you re adding to your coin collection!

The Official Red Book® is now available in a very popular LARGE PRINT edition, with easy-to-read large-size print and enlarged color photos. The best way to learn about your coins is with bold, easily legible text and high-detail photographs. The 2013 Large Print Edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins is designed with this experience in mind. Each page is 45% larger than the classic red hardcover edition, and it has all of the prices, mintages, specifications, and historical information everything you expect from the world s best-selling coin price guide. Full color. 448 pages. Spiralbound Softcover. 8-1/2 x 10-7/8 inches.

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How they designed a Morgan Silver Dollar

Sep 05, 2012

How they designed a Morgan Silver Dollar




All dies were prepared at the Philadelphia mint. That goes for both the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Peace Dollar. It was thought that the Western mints didn't have the right equipment to get the job done. Creating a die was suppose to be an exact process since whatever imperfection shows up on the die will show up on the coin once its struck. Lucky for us not all dies were created perfectly making collecting them interesting. 

Now on to how did they actually end up with a design on a die! First off all designs start off as a sketch.After after a design is picked a model that is much bigger than the actual coin. This is usually around eight inches. After touching up and making it just right a mold is made of the extra large coin. Dipping this mold into hot beeswax gave it enough stick for the powdered copper to stay on. Switching back and forth from copper to nickel the powdered copper was electroplated to form a Galvano Plate. 

Now what? You have a big ol' piece that looked exactly like your coin, but was way to big! At first they used a machine called the Contamin Portrait Lathe or transfer lathe. What it did was traced the larger coin and the same time duplicating the moves on a much smaller scale, on the die.The engraver would then come in and touch up the rest of the coin.  By 1907 things were improving and they used a machine called the Janvier was extremely accurate and didn't require the engraver to touch up at the end. The Janvier machine is still in use today! 

After all this work you didn't want your master hub to be ruined. So the master hub was made into exact copied dies that were used for striking. But really it went a step further since they didn't want the master hub to deteriorate over the years. So really the master hub made a master die which made a hub that could make up to 250 dies.

Some dies would be removed when the slightest imperfection was noted while others stayed a bit too long striking coins. A very interesting tale of how a sketch becomes a die for the U.S. Mint! 

Photo Credit: I got this pictures from the book Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars by Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis.

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1889 Silver Dollar

Sep 01, 2012

18889 morgan dollar

1889 Silver Dollar

1889 Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation strikes: 21,726,000
Proofs: 811
There is no mint mark on the coin which means it was minted in Philadelphia.

1889-CC Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation Strikes: 350,000
Proofs: 0
Minted in Carson City

1889-O Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation strikes: 11,875,000
Proofs: 0
Minted in New Orleans

1889-S Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation Strikes: 700,000
Proofs: 0
Minted in San Francisco

Random Facts of 1889

Dr. Herman Hollerith receives the 1st U.S. Patent for the tabulating machine. A tabulating machine  is a device used to assist in summarizing information and later will be used for accounting, developed to help with the 1890 Census.

President Grover Cleveland was just ending his presidency. Benjamin Harrison takes over as president of the Untied States March 4th, 1889 - March 4th, 1893

Benjamin Harrison is the 23rd president

George Eastman places Kodak Camera on sale for 1st time

Thomas Edison shows his 1st motion picture

Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Copper Beeches" there are many Sherlock Holmes that start in 1889

2' of snow accumulates in Rawlins Wyoming

U.S. Mint at Carson City, Nevada reopens! When President Benjamin Harrison was elected president the silver supporters cheered! 

Check out these two posts if you want to learn more about - No Carson City Morgan Dollars minted from 1894-1921 and No Carson city Morgan Dollars minted from 1886-1888

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