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Finding the lowest grade Morgan Dollar!

Dec 26, 2011

Morgan DollarFinding the lowest grade Morgan Dollar!

Everyone collects Morgan Silver Dollars for different reasons. Some want to collect every year or a certain mint; for instance they want every year the Morgan was minted in Philadelphia. We all have our personal reasons for collecting our own way.

When you go into a coin store or shop on line there is always low grade Morgan dollars selling for a reasonable price.  Don't over look them... They have a history all to themselves. These coins were loved until their edges felt smooth.  They have a worn look of a coin mingling with other coins in someones pocket, it feels old and smooth. The history of someone walking around in the 1800's with your exact coin in the pocket is pretty interesting!

You don't have to worry about touching it with your fingers or rubbing a smudge of dirt off with your finger. You can keep one in your pocket for good luck use it as a fill in coin until you find your specific 1885 Morgan Dollar you've been looking for your entire life.

They also make great gifts.  What kid wouldn't want a silver dollar for Christmas actually what adult wouldn't want a silver dollar for Christmas!

Thanks for the video: AAYNumismatists's

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For the Morgan Dollar Fan!

Dec 23, 2011
We are all here because we love to collect Morgan Dollars. We all have our own personal reasons for being a fan of the Morgan Silver Dollar. And of course we all have our own personal way we like to collect our Morgan Silver Dollars.
Perhaps you collect only by the year and disregard where your Morgan was minted. In that case you're probably on your way to fulfilling your goal.
Another way you might collect Morgan Dollars is by year and where each coin was minted. 
Maybe you just have a pile of Morgan Dollars and could care less when and where they were minted you just like to own them which is awesome!
There is no wrong way to collect Morgan Dollars. There are even collectors who might want this reverse Money Clip Morgan Dollar. List price is $178.95, but today it's on sale for only $165.18! No two collectors are alike, but what we all enjoy is our Morgan Dollars! 
Official Product Description:

This real U.S. coin is first layered in pure bright silver. Then, by hand, the figure is highlighted and brought to life with rich, pure 24K gold. This breathtaking and exclusive work turns the coin into a stunning and true work of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in a clear, hard acrylic coating. It is then mounted in a patented hinged clip and placed in a jewelry box.

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SE 3 piece 10x 30x Loupe + Dual 10x-20x

Dec 20, 2011

SE 3 piece 10x 30x Loupe + Dual 10x-20x

It says Jewelers Eye Loupe, but it would make a great coin magnifying glass to keep in your pocket. It's small compact and priced extremely well! The list price is $13.50, but it's on sale for only $7.25 that is a 46% savings. Plus it ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping!

This is an affordable way to inspect your Morgan Dollars! If you are in the market for a magnifying glass you also might want to check out the SE mini 45x Brass microscope with illuminator or the SE 30X illuminated jewelers loupe. Lots of great choices for extremely low prices!

Since they are so affordable you can keep one in your car one in your kitchen drawer. You can get a few so you never have to go looking for a magnifying glass again! 

The Official Product Description:

The complete set is great for rock collectors, coin collectors, hobbyists, jewelers and anyone else who requires distortion free magnification.

  • The set includes one 10x 21mm chrome loupe, one 30x 21mm chrome loupe and one 10x&20x dual loupe
  • The 10x power loupe has a focal distance of 1" (26mm) with 21mm dia lens size
  • The 30x power loupe has a focal distance of 1/2" (13mm) with 21mm dia lens size
  • The dual butterfly loupe has 10x power with 18mm lens size and 20x power with 12mm lens size
  • Made of optical glass and protected when not in use by the swing-out chrome plated metal cover

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What are the most prominent doubled dies?

Dec 13, 2011

First off how did a double die happen?

Each Morgan Silver Dollar needed about seven to ten blows from a working hub. It's interesting to note that the Peace Dollar (1921-1935) was done three to five times.

After every blow the die needed to be annealed.  A lot of attention was given, but just the slight misalignment between blows would cause doubling of the die. They were extremely careful with the Morgan that is why you won't find too many double died. As with anything the first time something is done it might take a few tries like the 1878 P as they were being perfected you can find some imperfections in them.

 What are the most prominent Morgan doubled dies?

The most prominent double dies are the 1888 O doubled head and the 1901 P shifted eagle.

Here is a list of some Double Die Morgan Silver Dollars

1901 P - Shifted eagle, doubled lower reverse
1900 O Doubled obverse stars
1900 P Doubled Eagle
1896 P Doubled obverse stars
1893 P Doubled obverse stars
1891 S Doubled obverse stars
1891 P Doubled ear
1889 O Doubled N in UNUM
1888 O Doubled head, doubled lower reverse
1887 O Doubled motto and stars in a radial direction
1887 P Double LIBERTY motto and stars
1878 S Doubled LIBERTY (four types), doubled motto (four types), doubled obverse
1878 CC Doubled obverse, doubled LIBERTY

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San Francisco Mint

Dec 09, 2011


In 1854 the San Francisco Mint opened to serve gold mines during the California gold Rush.

The California Gold rush started in 1848 when James W. Marshall found gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. During that time around 300,000 folks came to California in search of gold, and they weren't all from America people from as far as china, Australia, Europe and Latin America were making their way to California to strike it rich.

It didn't take long for the San Francisco Mint to outgrow their first building and need to move into a new one. In 1874 they did just that. This building was call "Old United States Mint" or "The Granite Lady". They built it with a concrete and granite foundation to ensure no one could tunnel into the vaults. This proved to be helpful during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake the Old United States Mint because it stayed standing. There was some $300 million  in the vaults at the time a third of the United States' gold reserves. The Old United States Mint was open until 1937 when the present day San Francisco mint was opened. In 1961 the Old United States Mint was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

San Francisco Mint minted Morgan Silver Dollars from 1878-1904 + 192.  You can tell if you have a San Francisco minted Morgan Dollar by looking at the reverse side of the Morgan Dollar. Directly about the D and the O you will the the letter S that stands for San Francisco Mint. 

Image Source: Library of Congress

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1883 Silver Dollar

Dec 07, 2011

1883 Silver Dollar1883 Silver Dollar

Mintage Circulation strikes: 12,290,000
Proofs: 1,039
There is no mint mark on the coin which means it was minted in Philadelphia.

1883-CC Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation strikes: 1,204,000
Proofs: 0
Minted in Carson City – CC

1883-S Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation Strikes: 6,250,000
Proofs: 0
Minted in San Francisco– S

1883-O Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation strikes: 8,725,000
Proofs: 12
Minted in New Orleans– O

Random Fact of 1883

Liberty Head V nickel (1883-1913)Officially the US mint only minted the Liberty Head V nickel until 1912. There are 5 known genuine examples of the 1913 V Nickel that was produced illegally.  They don't know how many were actually produced.Of course since there are only 5 in existence they are extremely valuable! 

The original 1883 V Nickel didn't have the word "cents" on the reverse.

After 13 years of construction the Brooklyn Bridge is opened to traffic

U.Sand Canadian railroads institute 5 standard continental time zones, which ended the confusion for thousands of local times. 

While construction was going on the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883 they found a high concentration of nickel-copper at the Murray Mine on the edge of the Sudbury Basin which is near Ontario, Canda

Hong Kong Observatory is opened. The Observatory forecasts weather and issues warning on the weather-related hazard.

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How to calculate the Silver Value in a Morgan Silver Dollar

Dec 05, 2011

Morgan Silver Dollar

How many Grams in a Troy Ounce?

Most precious metals are weighed in troy ounces not in avoirdupois ounces. Understanding the difference between the two seems like a good place to start this post. If you went to the supermarket and weighed your fruit/vegetables you would be weighing in at avoirdupois ounces. There are 16 ounces in 1 lb and 1 ounce = 28.35 grams. 

Now a troy ounce is typically heavier than an avoirdupois ounce. 1 troy ounce = 31.1 grams.  But if you were to measure 1 troy pound to 1 avoirdupois pound a troy pound would be lighter because there are only 12 ounces in 1 lb troy pound.

To find out the Silver Value in a Morgan Silver Dollar you need to know two things:

1.What is the price of silver today?

For the purpose of this post let's say silver spot price is $30.00 today

2. How many troy ounces in a Morgan silver dollar?

0.77345 troy ounces of silver in a Morgan silver dollar

(Price of Silver x how many grams of silver in a Morgan)
($30.00 x 0.77345) = $23.20

The Total Silver Value in a Morgan Silver Dollar would be would be $23.20

Another way you could come up with that number is if you knew the following:

How much does a Morgan Silver Dollar weigh in grams?

A Morgan Dollar weighs 26.73 grams

What is the price of Silver today?

For the purpose of this post let's say silver spot price is $30.00 today

What is the conversion rate between ounces/grams?

Silver price is based in troy ounces  so we need to convert ounces to grams which is .0321507466

What percentage silver is a Morgan silver dollar?

 Silver = 90% and Copper = 10%

(Price of Silver x ounce/gram conversion x total weight of Morgan silver dollar/grams x 90% silver) = $23.20
($30.00 x .0321507466 x 26.73 x .90) = $23.20

The Total Silver Value in a Morgan Silver Dollar would be would be $23.20

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Top 10 Christmas gifts for the coin enthusiast in the family!

Dec 01, 2011

Before you know it Christmas will be in full swing. What to buy? That is the question.... Some are easy like kids they want anything and everything. But as we get older our interests become more defined and usually more expensive. I myself wouldn't mind finding an 1895-O Morgan Dollar in my stocking, but that most likely won't happen. I would however be ecstatic to have anything from this list in my stocking! So if you know a coin enthusiast and are stumped as what to purchase read on! If I missed something on this list let me know!
PCGS Storage Box

1. PCGS Plastic Storage Box for 20 Slab Coin Holder - Now that we own some PCGS coins we will be needing a coin holder for our coins!

This box stores 20 PCGS, newer ANACS and other slab sizes.
NGC slabs will fit in the box though the lid will not snap shut.
This exterior measures approximately 9" x 2.75" x 3.5" when closed
Coins and holders are NOT included.

 2. NCG Plastic Storage Box for 20 Slab Coin Holders - Perhaps your coin collector would prefer this storage box for $16.99

Gold tone
Holds NGC slabs
Sturdy Plastic Construction
Bears the NGC logo

3.  2012 Guide Book of United States - Everyone should have one of these. If you buy it for someone and they already have that book no problem. Now they can have a copy at their computer and one to keep in the car. That way if they stop by the local coin shop their reference book will be in the car! And for only $10.17 why wouldn't you want to have a second copy!

The official description for the Guide book of United States Coins:

The Official Red Book A Guide Book of United States Coins is 65 years young and going strong. Collectors around the country love the convenience of the spiral bound edition. It opens up and lies flat on the table while you study your coin collection. And of course it includes all the historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data that turn a new coin collector into an educated numismatist. How rare are your coins? How much are they worth?

4. Coin Display for 24 Certified Coins (PCGS, NGC, etc. Slabs)

For $49.95 you can give your coin enthusiast a way to store and display their certified coins. 

Great way to display coins in certified slabs by PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, and others.
Styled with a sleek mahogany-colored wood grain finish.
Secure magnetic closure.
Lined with dark blue satin to make coins appear more vibrant when on display.
Includes three trays, each designed to hold 8 certified coins.

5. Collector NCG PCGS ICG Coin Slab Display Case Cabinet Holder Rack. If you know your coin enthusiast loves to always have their coins on display. Constantly having to pull everyone out to show you. Perhaps this display cast would be the ticket. Right now it's $52.95 on sale from $75.95 that is a 30% savings! 

Handcrafted in solid furniture grade beech hardwood with elegant furniture finish.
Brass hardware and felt fabric background to create a stunning display.
A framed door keeps inquisitive fingers away, as well as dust
We back every sale since 1998 with our 60 days 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Don't pay more for less, buy from us for the quality and benefit from our low factory direct prices.

6. 100 2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders Large Dollars. I am talking about the large cardboard coin holder, but they are sold for half dollars, quarters, cents,  nickels and dimes. This one is for 100 2x2 for the low price of $4.71!

Cardboard holders are the most common holders used for coin storage and display
They are made of high quality cardboard and offer great long term protection for your coins
Just fold them over the coin in the window and staple the holder around the outside
Each unit contains economy 100 holders

7. World Encyclopedia of Coins and Coin Collecting - I don't know if every coin collector loves to read like I do, but most probably do! You might end up collecting on particular coin, but all coins have an interesting history to read about. 

A full color global guide to world coinage, from its origins in the 7th century BC to the present day, featuring coins and collectables from up to 200 countries.

8.  Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars is always a great book to own.That is if you know your coin collector loves Morgan and Peace Dollars. This book is for the serious silver dollar collector!With complete details of the history and specifics of the Morgan and Peace Dollar. This would make a wonderful gift! 

These last two are for the kids or for the kid in us!

9. Coin Collecting for Kids - For only $10.87 this book is a great place to get kids started on coin collecting! Newly updated to include Presidential $1 coins and Westward Journey nickels! A colorful, kid-friendly book to introduce children to a lifelong hobby, Coin Collecting for Kids encourages children to search for, save, and learn all about many different U.S. coins. Take a tour through the mint and save pennies from four different decades while learning about how coins are made. Slots on every page let kids collect birth-year coins, millennium coins, and twentieth-century coins. Lastly, a gatefold spread will accommodate all 50 wildly popular statehood quarters. Organized by release year, each slot lists the state's nickname, motto, flower, and bird.

10. State Quarter Map - For only $13.49! US State Quarter Collection. Collecting quarters is a great way to introduce coin collecting. This quarter map has a unique design with slots for all the U.S. Territories and the District of Columbia, very educational!




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