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Vinyl Coin Flips, Coin Holders

Oct 23, 2012


100 Pcs. 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" Vinyl Coin Flips, Coin Holders

List Price: $8.99
Price today $7.60

One reviewer said "these are not bad at all and a good price. I use them to store some coins and keeping them from contacting each other. Also for sending in to grading. They work perfectly find and if I need more, for the pirce, I'll probably get them"

Official Product Description:

A twin vinyl coin holder, complete with identifying insert. Put the coin in one pocket, the insert in the other, and flip it over - the coin and its identification are inseparable! The inserts are die-cut on a sheet. - 2 x 2 Double Pocket Coin Flips with insert - High quality double pocket vinyl 2x2 coin flips - Paper inserts for easy coin identification - Insert two coins or one coin and a insert - Heavy- Duty Vinyl Material (4.5 mil) - Double polished clear finish - Material manufactured in USA - Highest weld strength attainable for this material - Straight bar seals Dimensions - Pocket 1 7/8 x 1 7/8

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How many Morgan Dollars were minted each year?

Oct 16, 2012


How many Morgan Dollars were minted each year?

Every year had a story to tell. In the beginning silver was around $1.10 per ounce and stayed that way for quite awhile. The Treasury followed the Bland-Allison Act and purchased the minimum of $2,000,000 worth of silver each month. The Treasury was pretty unsympathetic when it came to silver, but faithfully purchased the amount required each month. You can see in the chart below that Morgan's were pretty steady from 1878-1885

Between 1886 to 1890 the price of silver fell to about $0.90 per ounce. This meant the Treasury had to increase the amount of Silver Dollars to keep with the quota presented by the Bland-Allison Act.

In July 1890 The Sherman Silver Purchase Act was passed and the Bland-Allison Act repealed. This new act required the Treasury to purchase $4,500,000 ounces of Silver Bullion each month.

There is a dip in mints produced starting in 1891 for a few years. This is because under the Sherman Silver Act the Treasury had to purchase the silver, but didn't have to turn around and mint it that year. Since there were a lot of uncirculated silver dollars sitting in the vaults production slowed down. Plus you have the financial panic of 1893 and Cleveland who opposes the silver efforts.Carson City Mint is closed for awhile. All these contribute to the fall of Silver minted each year. 

Of course the year the most were minted was 1921!

What is your favorite Morgan year, and why?

Morgan Dollars Minted By Year

1878 Silver Dollar - 22,495,550
1879 Silver Dollar - 27,560,100
1880 Silver Dollar - 27,397,355
1881 Silver Dollar - 27,927,975
1882 Silver Dollar - 27,574,100
1883 Silver Dollar - 28,470,039
1884 Silver Dollar - 28,136,875
1885 Silver Dollar - 28,697,766
1886 Silver Dollar - 31,423,886
1887 Silver Dollar - 33,611,710
1888 Silver Dollar - 31,990,833
1889 Silver Dollar - 34,651,811
1890 Silver Dollar - 38,043,004
1891 Silver Dollar - 23,562,735
1892 Silver Dollar - 6,333,245
1893 Silver Dollar - 1,455,792
1894 Silver Dollar - 3,093,972
1895 Silver Dollar - 862,880
1896 Silver Dollar - 19,876,762
1897 Silver Dollar - 12,651,731
1898 Silver Dollar - 14,426,735
1899 Silver Dollar - 15,182,846
1900 Silver Dollar - 24,960,912
1901 Silver Dollar - 22,566,813
1902 Silver Dollar - 18,160,777
1903 Silver Dollar - 10,343,755
1904 Silver Dollar - 8,812,650
1921 Silver Dollar - 86,730,000

These numbers came from "Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars"

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1890 Silver Dollar

Oct 12, 2012

1890 Silver Dollar

1890 Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation strikes: 16,802,000
Proofs: 590
There is no mint mark on the coin which means it was minted in Philadelphia.

1890-CC Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation Strikes: 2,309,041
Proofs: 0
Minted in Carson City

1890-O Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation strikes: 10,701,100
Proofs: 0
Minted in New Orleans

1890-S Silver Dollar
Mintage Circulation Strikes: 8,230,373
Proofs: 0
Minted in San Francisco

Random Facts of 1890

The 1890 Census - U.S. Resident Population 62,979,766
  -As of today October 12th, 2012 the current population in the U.S is 314,564,250. If you want a crazy number the

population in the world as of today is 7,045,221,822.

The president was Benjamin Harrison (March 4th 1889 - March 4th, 1893

Ellis Island (NYC) opens as a US immigration depot

Largest city in 1890 New York City, NY population 1,515,301

Idaho and Wyoming become states

Wounded Knee Massacre occurred on 12/29/1890

Yosemite National Park was created

Canad and Bermuda are linked by telegraph cable

Great-Britain & Germany sign Zanzibar-Helgoland Treaty

16th Kentucky Derby: Isaac Murphy aboard Riley wins in 2:45

Alice Sanger becomes 1st female White House staffer

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Dansco Morgan Silver Dollars Date Set Album

Oct 08, 2012

This Morgan Silver Dollar Date Set Album makes it perfect for display! Some of your precious Morgan's might be kept in a house safe or even a safety deposit box outside your home. But sometimes it's fun to show off what you have! 

A little information about each coin can be found under the port for the coin on the page. This album holds one Morgan Dollar from each date 1878-1904 plus one for 1921. The dates don't include the mint marks so this book is for collecting only by year.  The Morgan's you choose to put in this book can be minted in any of the four mints. Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans or Carson City. The goal to fill this book would be to collect one Morgan from every year it was minted.

Clear plastic slides within each page to make sure your Morgan is nice and secure, plus it allows for easy viewing from both sides of the coin. This way you can flip the page and see the reverse side of the coin. The Dansco Date Set Album was made in the U.S.A.

 Where do you store your Morgan Silver Dollars, and do you keep any on display?

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Historic Moment captured one still at a time

Oct 01, 2012

The Panic of 1873

This is a pretty cool video I came across on YouTube! It shows still pictures of historical moments one by one. Starting off with the Pony Express in 1860. The Pony Express was a fast mail service that crossed the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the High Sierra from Missouri all the way to California. That same year we had Abraham Lincoln became the Untied States 16th president.

It goes through the The American Civil War 1861-1865, France intervention in Mexico 1861-1867, Muslim Rebellion in China 1862-1877. 

Yellowstone National Park opens in 1872. Thomas Edison invents the Phonograph in 1877, Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone in 1876.

It didn't have any pictures of the Morgan dollar, but it did have the the panic of 1873 which was one of the predecessors to the Bland-Allison Act in 1878.  What it did have was a lot of interesting pictures in history from 1860 - 1898.


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