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Dec 03, 2012


This book was published on September 15th, 2009. Comes with good reviews too! One reviewer said he liked it because it is compact and easy to read. Perfect to quickly refer to a specific coin when researching.The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties is on sale at Amazon for $29.95!

Official Book Review:

An extremely important reference work that no Morgan dollar collector should be without. With silver dollar variety collecting is still in its infancy, I expect variety collecting to expand dramatically in the years to come. Any collector or dealer who routinely uses this book gains a very worthwhile edge. Jim Halperin, Co-Chairman, Heritage Auction Galleries ( One of the perks of coin collecting is the thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration of the find...always has been, always will be. What better a series than the Morgan Dollar to feed this habit? The newly revised, easy-to-read and comprehensive Top 100 book you are holding in your hand will enable you to capitalize on the most important aspect of numismatics...having FUN. Enjoy! Bill Fivaz Fey and Oxman have significantly updated what is arguably the one 'must-have' book on Morgan Dollar varieties. Van Allen and Mallis painted the 'big picture', but the Top 100 brings many of its most interesting elements into the sharp focus they deserve." John Roberts Director of Attribution Services ANACS For as long as I can remember, I've carried a copy of the Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties in my briefcase to every show I've attended. It's perfect size and gives a fellow like me who really isn't an expert in VAMs the knowledge I need to know about the best of the best. I'm elated to hear that there is now a new expanded edition coming! Ken Potter Coin World Columnist Numismatic News Feature Writer --Jim Halperin, Co-Chairman, Heritage Auction Galleries (

No one is more responsible for the renewed--and rapidly growing--interest in VAMS than Mike Fey and Jeff Oxman. No one. That resurgence began with their landmark 1997 book, Top 100. This book is the long awaited and expanded update. The first one sold out quickly; I predict this one will sell out almost before the ink is dry. I've already ordered my copy. James Taylor CEO & President, ANACS --James Taylor, CEO and President, ANACS

In the dozen years since its debut The VAM Keys book has revolutionized the collecting of Morgan Dollar varieties, taking this previously overlooked speciality into the mainstream. The number of collectors seeking Top 100 VAMs has multiplied many times over. While their attribution is now much easier, the competition to locate unattributed rarities is far more keen due to this handy guide. David W. Lange Research Director Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) --David W. Lange, Research Director, NGC 

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