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Oct 18, 2011

Morgan Dollar Errors

Morgan Dollar error s are often divided into three different groups referred to as the Planchet-Die-Striking error identification as well as the PDS system. The Planchet, die and striking are classified as the three distinct phases connected with the minting process. This particular way of cataloging got its start by Alan Herbert in 1972. There are additional errors that may occur after the coin is minted known as post mint damage, but today we are just going to discuss the major three that might take place throughout the mint whole process.

Planchet Errors:

The Plancet Errors- In general you will not find a great number of errors in this specific group. Planchet errors are when Occluded gas is trapped in the casting process. The gas may remain trapped when the silver was rolled out. When a planchet ended up being struck during the coining presses with occluded gas trapped inside the gas would expand and push the metal creating a bump.

Clipped Planchets often resulted from a strip of metal which did not go through the blanking machine properly. If this happened you might end up with a straight clip which is induced whenever the punch overlaps at the end of the strip. Curved clips which usually can take place as a result of overlapping punches, ragged clips occur when the punch overlaps a broken area of the strip.  Now there are were a lot of inspecting and weighing going on during this process which is why there are only a few minor ones in this category.

Out of all three planchet errors the laminated planchet error may very well be the most common. This takes place whenever an area of the coin metal separates because of any impurities such as oil, dust or some sort of foreign material. When rolled this may cause laminations to form. The definition of laminations is "a layered structure"

Die Errors:

Die and hub errors are together known as varieties. A few examples would be the engraving errors, hub breaks and cracks, doubled mint marks, clashed dies, die break, die chip, die crack, mispositioned dates, doubled mint marks, over polished dies, repunched mint mark, repunched date, wrong sized mintmark, die scratches and gouges.

Striking errors:

A striking error would be an error which happened during the striking process. You can have a braodstrike, brockage, multiple strikes, struck on wrong planchet, strike doubling, off center strikes or die pressure adjustment pieces. Did I miss any?

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