How "CC" Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Mark was established

Oct 27, 2011
Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Mark

Carson City History

Carson City, Nevada has a rich history with one man in particular standing out, Abraham Curry. Abraham Curry is also known as the “Father of Carson City” In 1858 Abraham Curry found himself in Nevada where he partnered up with two attorneys to purchase the Eagle Ranch Trading Post. He had the foresight to declare one day this area would be the capital of Nevada so he left a 10-acre plot right in the heart of the town for the future capital building. Once gold and silver were found in Comstock Lode just east of Carson City the population soon started to rise.

Come 1865 with approval from the United States Carson City became an established branch of the United States Mint. Abraham Curry was named as one of the planning commissioners and first superintendent when Carson City Mint began operating in 1870. He also severed as an assemblyman of the Nevada Territorial Legislature and was the first warden of Nevada State Prison.

Carson City mint was approved in 1865, but didn't produce its first coin until 1870. With delays inflicted by the continuing civil war and a bit of lingering opposition from the Treasury. Keep in mind there were also labor disputes that threatened everything and of course the continuous need for money to finish the project. Curry worked hard to procure more money and returned a hero after making rounds in Washington and Philadelphia in 1868. Worked continued onward soon coin presses, blanking presses everything was coming together. By December 1869 the dies had not arrived, so they waited. On December 28th 1869 an unexpected earthquake rocked Carson City damaging many buildings in town, but luckily not the Carson City mint. Come January 10th 1870 Wells Fargo Express delivered the dies and the Carson City mint minted their first coin.  The Seated Liberty Dollar was the first to be struck.  

Carson City Morgan Dollar

The Carson City mint produced the Morgan Dollar until its branch closed in 1893. Of all the mint locations for the Morgan Dollar, Carson City Mint production was typically lower than New Orleans, Philadelphia or San Francisco. “cc” on the Morgan Dollar stands for Carson City Mint. The Carson City Morgan silver dollar mint mark is located on the reverse side of the coin right above the D and O on the word dollar. 

Between the years 1870-1893 Carson City Mint produced 50 silver coins issued as well as 57 gold coins.

Carson City Silver Denominations minted coins
Dollar 1870-1885 and between 1889-1893
Half Dollar 1870-1878
Quarter Dollar 1870-1878
Twenty-Cent Piece 1875-1876
Dime 1871-1878

Carson City Gold Denominations minted coins
$20.00 Gold Coin or Double Eagle 1870-1885 and between 1889-1893
$10.00 Gold Coin or Eagle 1870-1884 and between 1890-1893
$5.00 Gold Coin or Half Eagle 1870-1884 and between 1890-1893

Image Source: Library of Congress

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