Community Question: What got you interested in collecting Morgan Dollars

Oct 30, 2011

One of the things I wanted to do with the Morgan Dollar Store was to get the coin collecting community involved with the site and to take part on discussions (particularly from our social networks - Facebook and Twitter). Yesterday while drinking my cup of coffee in the morning, I was asking myself what got me interested in Morgan Dollars, and that got me very curious about all of you, so I posed this question on Facebook, and here are some of the great responses to that question.


Steven Washburn For me, first of all it's just being able to hold history in my hand. I mean to think of the people in history who may have held on to this beautiful monitary item. It's a little overwhelming. Then also for investment. To be able to protect what little wealth I have against inflation.
Joseph Sayles I couldn't agree more steven......if the coins could talk the places and history they have seen
Wayne Ryden Jr. My father and grandfather. They both were into collecting coins (including Morgan Dollars) and that inspired me.
Alan Katzeff My father started collecting coins after he started to study European coins he brought home when he was in the service in WWll. I remember he ordered 2 proof sets in 1957. I thought they were pretty cool! He owned a butcher shop and would always check his change for anything interesting or rare. He had the latest Red Book and I read it from cover to cover . I collected any coins I could, change from lunch money, birthday present Morgan and Peace dollars, "tooth fairy" quarters or maybe half dollars.

I've been collecting most of my life and have kept alive buying and selling silver and gold coins and bullion when I have had to. I love the history involved with and around coins and even went back to school and earned a B.A. in History about the time I turned 50 yrs old in 1999. I think I will always be a Numismatist!
Hector Soto I Think Morgans look and feel the way coins were meant to look and feel. Of course the investment is great but the beauty and history of a Morgan is just a rush to me.
Michael Plunkett I remember when I was a boy my Grandfather had mason jars full of Morgans he would let me hold them and I liked the way they felt.
David Hartley I really like the eagle on the reverse side and i also like the fancy way they printed IN GOD WE TRUST
Linda Torzsa the heft and design of the coin. just beautiful.
Ronald Clifton Timms I like the design and all around fields in the Morgan dollar. It should have never changed as the main stay of our silver design. Things must go on and who knows what will be next ?
Bill Keaton The heft of the coin, its beauty, and its history. To study Morgans is a look at the banking industry and silver mining interests of the late 19th Century......and did I mention through strikes, toning and wear each is unique?

If you missed your chance to answer, please follow up with that post on Facebook (view actual post). I'll eventually be including comments within the blog posts, but need to find a good anti-spam solution first.

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